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7-100-12 Electrolase Disposable Tips  Non-Sterile, Sharp
7-100-8 Electrolase Disposable Tips  Sterile, Sharp
7-101-12 Electrolase Disposable Tips  Non-Sterile, Blunt
7-101-8 Electrolase Disposable Tips  Sterile, Blunt
711B Desiccation/Fulguration Needle Electrode  
714 Epilation Needle  
716 Tissue Desiccation Needle Electrode  5 in. straight
7-796-1 Mobile Pedestal Stand  For use with Hyfrecators
7-796-18 Pencil Sheaths for Hyfrecator  Non-Sterile, 100 per box
7-796-20 Universal Wall Mounting Kit  

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