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Insta-Therm™ Instant-read Ear Thermometer
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Insta-Therm™ Instant-read Ear Thermometer

Discontinued. Suggested replacement: 016-670

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The Insta-Therm’s™ compact design and speed makes taking a temperature easier and more comfortable for infants and young children. Convenient water-proof lens cleans up easily with a moist cloth or cotton tipped swab saving time & money.

• Instant digital reading (0,1) seconds
• 512 scanning sequences per second
• Clinically proven accuracy
• Memory recall / display of last reading
• Preprogrammed fever alert
• No probe covers required
• Cleans easily with a moist cloth
• Auto shut-off for extended battery life

This thermometer should only be used under the supervision of an adult.
Keep batteries out of reach of children.


For more info, please visit www.amgphysiologic.com

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