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Super absorbent pads , 600 ml capacity
Super absorbent pads , 600 ml capacity
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Super absorbent pads , 600 ml capacity


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Packed: 20 / Bag, 20 Bags / Case

Super absorbent pads , 600 ml capacity - bulk

Reduce contact, reduce contagion.

ZORBI™ helps reduce cross-contamination by isolating contaminated human waste and hard-to-disinfect equipment like bedpans, commodes and urinals.

In just 30 seconds, the super absorbent pad transforms up to 600 ml of liquids and human waste into a gel, which traps in odours and reduces splashing.

The Zorbi™ bags (sold seperately) can then be closed and disposed of quickly and easily. ZORBI™ bag saves staff time and can help make waste disposal and infection control more reliable.


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