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AquaCare Shower Commode with Swivel armrests with pail  Multi-purpose infection control friendly chair
AquaCare Shower Commode with Swivel armrests, disposable bedpan compatible  Multi-purpose infection control friendly chair
Basic Protection Gowns - Standard Gown  Neck ties, waist ties, elastic cuffs, Yellow, Standard size
Bioclean Disinfectant by MedPro Defense®  950 ml bottle
Bioclean Disinfectant by MedPro Defense®  4-Liter bottle
Cotton Balls  Medium size
Cotton balls  Large size
DermaFRESH Pre-soaped washing sponges  Unscented
DermaFresh™ Flushable Bathing and Cleansing Wipes  
DermaFresh™ Flushable Bathing and Cleansing Wipes Displayer with Wipes  Includes 20 packs of 10 wipes each

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